About Hat3lem

An Introduction

Hat3lem is the first Egyptian portal facilitating online, live education through Real, Professional teachers and tutors anywhere and anytime 

we are  a group of passionate entrepreneurs who believe that education is a priority and should be affordable, accessible and convenient to all wether they are students, employees, entrepreneurs or housewives. 

Hat3lem is an open portal that allows professional teachers and trainers to provide their services to students and trainees in all subjects and topics and conduct their sessions online through our state of the art Virtual Classroom that facilitates an interactive session between the teacher / trainer and student / trainee. The student / trainee can also rate the teacher / trainer, look up their profiles and previous ratings and also can re watch their paid sessions over and over again.

We are bringing education to your living room so go ahead and start learning. No more excuses.


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Our Mission

We facilitate a modern educational tool that opens new horizons to educators in the region to work from home providing an effecient and affordable service to education seekers from primary education upwards thus helping with opening work opportunities and on the other hand make education more affordable and accessible to all.

Our Vision

To become the leading education platform in the region that provides professionals with opportunities to conveniently educate and learners to conveniently learn. 

Our Values

We believe convenient, effecient and affordable education should be accessible to all.