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15 January

E Learning and K12 Education

eLearning, is by far the most significant new learning technology that has emerged in the last 10 years and swept through the learning scene. eLearning has rapidly found entry into all fields of learning in the United States and other parts of the world as well with a foothold in nearly most subjects and topics.

eLearning And Its Impact On K12 Education

There is an increasing number of platforms and websites that are competing to provide e learning for K12 students all over the world in the form of self-paced or live courses and sessions. Educational institutes, whether they are Universities, schools or other forms of educational centers, all over the world are integrating with e learning platforms to provide modern and more convenient means of education to their students.

We see that new technologies are being constantly developed to allow students and teachers to interact better in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. This trend invading K12 education all around the world. The technology revolution in the eLearning scene provides an entire learning management system to support K12 learning among communities of teachers, students, parents and administrators with solutions that even allows for individuality and caters to individual needs.

K12 is one of the three main segments of education that elearning is invading; the other two are corporate and higher education. Corporate and higher education cater to the needs of adult learners, who have a moderate income and access to computers, busy lifestyles and the requirement of flexible access to learning.

How technology has helped e learning?

With the internet revolution and its use in K12 education and educational institutes, there has been a huge impact usage of computer and internet and their integration in schools. The internet has evolved to be one of the most important communications channel especially among the newer generations. Most of the teachers and students of K12 have access to internet through different devices most importantly of which are smart phones, and they are already using simple means of online communication like e-mail, chatting or live calls. However, full use of online learning is yet to develop strongly to conveniently facilitate more efficient k12 education. Enablers and recipients are both available in the same virtual space and that facilitates the growth of online learning with the convenience it offers to both parties and the factor of CHOICE which dominates the new generation’s life style.

Online tutoring and it’s impact on K12 students

e-tutoring provides curriculum in depth explanination to students in grades K12 all over the world. The e–tutoring program is ideal for home schooling, international students an those who want to refresh their educational skills or simply need additional help. The e-tutor module for K12 students provides classes in various if not all subjects and topics with the development of new tools and platforms that mimics traditional classroom with all forms of engagement. E tutoring promotes student engagement and learning and helps increase the their knowledge in various areas and subjects by a targeted approach which addresses individual issues faced by students in any particular subject.

Integration of new technologies and implementing engaging learning and virtual classroom incorporation as well as the newer high-speed telecom technologies is bringing new comers to the K12 learning scene and is facilitating more from what has already been offered by computers in schools. It is expected that e learning will gain dominance in k12 all over the world in the coming 10 years and may even replace traditional schooling in some parts of the world.



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