Refund policy

Customer satisfaction is a main objective for hat3lem. Yet we should point out to the fact that hat3lem is NOT responsible for the unsatisfactory content or service provided by a teacher / instructor or the quality of internet connection during a session, yet hat3lem provides a refund policy for certain situations automatically or upon request.


- All refunds are credited to learner's e-wallet and is available for their use for future purchases.

- Cash refunds or through credit cards are not available currently.

Automatic refunds 

- Upon class cancelation

- If class was not conducted

Request a refund

- If class was not completed by instructor

- If instructor's internet connection did not facilitate proper session conduction.

- if the instructor did not abide by the session's subject and description.

Send refund requests by mail to including :

- purchase order number

- class name

- class date and time

- reason for requesting refund

Refund procedures

For the mentioned refund requests an investigation is in place and class recordings reviewed and learner is refunded within 7 working days if investigation outcome is as per complaint.

Refund requests are replied to with investigation outcome and action taken.

Cancelation and refund

Purchased class cancelation is accepted ONLY 48 hours before class time.

Any cancelation requests sent less that 4i hours before class time will be disregarded and refund not processed.

learners can cancel a purchased class or course by sending a mail to including:

- purchase order number

- class name

- class date and time