Start teaching online

Start Teaching Online

Why teach with hat3lem?

Work Opportunity

If you have "Professional" knowledge in a certain subject and want to use it to provide a teaching / learning service, hat3lem gives you this opportunity to open a new door.

Extra Income

Start earning money in your spare time or better even schedule a fixed time to offer your sessions. 

Work from home

hat3lem opens a door for you to work from home without having to leave your family, drive in traffic, use transportation, waste your time and energy. In fact you can work from anywhere you please.

Expand your client base

Whether you are a current teacher / trainer or have the knowledge and ability but didn't have the chance, hat3lem gives you the chance to reach a wider client base. 

hat3lem has its own Marketing activities and tools that ensures a high traffic and thus a high reach for your offered service. We also give you a chance for direct marketing activities for your services if your students / trainees are happy with what you offer.

Group session

hat3lem virtual classroom takes up to 25 students / session. 

Choose your working hours

With hat3lem you are the one who schedules his sessions and at the time and date convenient to you.

Set your fees 

Hat3lem leaves setting session fees up to you but reserves the right to decline a service if it feels that fees are not reasonable. In any case we encourage our teachers and trainers to set reasonable fees that encourage students / learners to enroll in their sessions and be cost effective compared to traditional private sessions.

Save your time

With hat3lem you can have more time to work, have fun or for your family and friends as you save all the time and efforts needed to provide your services the traditional way.

Easy to use

hat3lem is an easy to use, friendly platform that does not requires basic internet surfing knowledge to operate and minimum requirements to get started with your live sessions.

Easy payment

hat3lem cares about your time and looks forward to your satisfaction so we are providing a number of automatic teacher payment ways to receive your payment with minimum hassle.



How It Works


  • Complete registeration form. The more information is complete and valid the better your chances are to get approved.
  • Its very important that you choose the right time zone otherwise your scheduled sessions timing will be incorect.
  • Verify your mail. A mail will be sent to you upon registration and you need to follow the link to verify. Failure to do so will stop registration procedure.
  • You will either receive a mail notifying you that you have been approved and ready to start teaching or requesting some further information and documents.
  • Once you receive an email stating that your application is approved then you can login.
  • First time login will require that you read Terms and Conditions and perform interent speed test and Device Test. You need at internet speed of at least 1.5 Mbp.
  • You will then be directed to Dashboard. Please read Instructions on dashboard carefully and watch tutorial demos on Admin Content library.

Schedule sessions

  • On your dash board you can schedule :
    • single session
    • Multiple sessions - a group of sessions with a package price
  • You can choose to make a free or paid session, set the fees per person, maximum number of students in the class (the max permitted is 25)
  • Your session will be pending admin approval and you will receive a mail notifying you that session is approved or requesting information or amends before approval.
  • When session is approved it will show up on your dashboard in "upcoming sessions and on your calander.

And / OR

Appoint Classes free Time slots

  • Mark your calander for free time at which you can offer classes.
  • Students will have access to your calander.
  • They can book / request classes at any of the available slots.
  • You will receive a mail notification.
  • You will schedule classes according to booking requests.
  • Students will receive alerts to enroll and pay.

Session / course material

  • You are required to prepare your session material that will be used during session / course.
  • This can be any of the following: Word document, pdf, powerpoint presentation, audi and video files, excel files, pictures etc
  • The needed files should be upioaded through your dash board before session begins to be able to use it during session.

Trial sessions

  • As a new teacher / trainer you will be required to give a number of FREE sessions as a trial and a marketing tool.
  • Please state the number of free sessions you are willing to provide while registering in "Promotion" field.
  • Student rating is a crucial factor during these free sessions in giving you priority in class schedueling.

Launching session

  • At scheduled time, you are required to login and go to dashboard and press on launch session to enter class room.
  • Sessions are automatically recorded and it is not permitted to stop recording manually.
  • After session is completed, students are asked to rate teachers and can send feedback too.
  • Teachers are also promted to give their feedback if any.


  • hat3lem provides its teachers and trainers with a remote payment method through FAWRY. You will receive a message with amount and a code with which you can cash your payment from any of FAWRY's 65,000 otlets around Egypt.
  • Missed classes, incomplete classes and classes that receive numerous complaints are not paid for and continuity will lead to canceling account.
  • hat3lem deducts a percentage (30%) from total fees that also includes VAT.
  • The balance is periodically and based on your initial request upon registration transfered automatically.

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Meet our Teachers Our highly qualified teachers put in their best efforts for outstanding results in both studies and co-curricular activities.

Meet our Trainers Our highly qualified teachers put in their best efforts for outstanding results in both studies and co-curricular activities.